April 16, 2016

Seaside Corner

Seaside Corner

Seaside — A California Coastal Community

Seaside Coastal Community

Volunteers have been hard at work on the multi-year project called Seaside Corner. This scene will be completed before the 2018 L.A. County fair, but there’s plenty of progress to see as this replica California coastal town takes shape.

The completion of each phase is scheduled to coincide with the annual Fair:

  • 2016 — the old foundation was removed, new lower rock hardscape was created, rail and trolley lines were built, models depicting a pier and wharf were installed, and a cannery building was erected
  • 2017 — development of the town, fishing fleet, mountain transition and ski gondola
  • 2018 — refinement of the high mountains which will include a ski slope and snow play areas

For a closer look, visit the garden railroad on public run days or during the L.A. County Fair.

Projects like this are happening throughout the year and any volunteer can be a part in the fun. Join the FGRR and experience first-hand one of the best garden railroads in the world.


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